Fund raisers
Are you looking for a new idea in fund raising?  We are offering
our famous, fresh-baked Apple Dumplings and  assorted pies for
great profit potential for your fund raising needs.  All the  dumplings
and pies are individually wrapped and ready for delivery.  Call
ahead to reserve the date of delivery  prior to taking orders.  This
enables us to bake each order right before it is to be delivered to
your customer. Please decide on either pies or dumplings.  We are
no longer mixing both in the same order.  

Apple Dumplings
Each large apple is peeled, cored, and filled with
butter, sugar and  cinnamon.  It is then
wrapped in our homemade pie dough and baked
in a sweet,  buttery sauce.  

8 inch Pies:
Choose up to 6 kinds. Some popular varieties are:

All our pies are made with our homemade pie dough
and are baked fresh for your delivery day.
*Varieties of pies available for fund raisers may change
depending on the season and which ones you want to sell.
Please call 717-867-4389 for more information.

Contact Us with any questions regarding prices.

We bake our dumplings in a 6 inch
pie pan because they are too large
for a smaller pan !  We sold over
150,000 apple dumplings since 2004.
Our Apple Dumpling pictured
with  jonagold apples

A truckload of apple
dumplings ready to be
  • apple (with full top crust)
  • apple crumb
  • shoofly (wet bottom)
  • pumpkin (in season)
  • cherry crumb
  • pecan
  • bumble berry (combination of
apples, strawberries, raspberries
and blueberries.)
  • coconut creme
Contact Information
1901 Thompson Ave.
Jonestown,  PA  17038
(717) 867-4389
Our delicious made from
scratch pecan pie